Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeBa?

DeBa (short for Decentralized Bank) automatically farms the highest yield available among the best DeFi protocols using the latest farming techniques.

What is DEBA?

DEBA Token is a cashflow token for DeBa, the only autonomous investment bank.

What are the token economics for DEBA?

    DEBA Token holders receive cashflows from revenues on AUM, currently set to 25% profit sharing
    Circulating supply at launch: 0
    DEBA Token has a total max supply of 21,000,000 that will be minted during a 5 year period
    DeBa was completely bootstrapped, with no VCs, token sale, premine or team rewards

What is dDai, dUSDC, dWBTC?

dDAI, dUSDC, dWBTC are the yield-bearing versions of these assets, which are being automatically farmed by the DeBa algorithm.
These assets automatically appreciate, and you can redeem them at any time for DAI, USDC, BTC, earning an interest on your assets depending on how long you kept them in the Vault.

What was the reason for launching DeBa?

    We wanted to give back to the community that gave us everything by creating a truly open platform & protocol where there are no team rewards.
    We were looking for a convenient way to farm the latest projects that were producing different reward tokens. The process is highly manual and inconvenient for people that have a normal job and didn’t want to keep up with DeFi 24/7.
    Gas prices have been really high, and it is expensive to farm by yourself, so we pooled our funds together to try to save on gas. We decided to build the solution that we were looking for ourselves.

What is the roadmap for DeBa?

    Yield farming is not going away, and gas prices are not getting lower. Our goal is to simply provide an easy way for people to benefit, and make your life easier, while looking for safe projects to add to our large farming repertoire.
    We plan to add more assets over time. DAO funds can be used to add useful integrations, provide bug bounties and pay for security audits, and even fund projects to build on top of DeBa to add value to DEBA holders.
    We plan on releasing an open source and non-custodial protocol enabling the creation of liquidity markets. Users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets.

How are you going to pay for the development and operational costs?

As we said before, the project was 100% bootstrapped and will continue to be so for as long as necessary, until the platform becomes self-sustainable.

Smart contracts and Audits

    The project is in beta and we are in the process of conducting a third-party audit. We have already done an internal audit by running tests on every contract. Use at your own risk.
    The DeBa smart contracts are here.
    The DeBa smart contracts have been designed from the ground up with security in mind. Please review the smart contracts before depositing funds.


Thanks to:

    Harvest Finance, who showed us the potential behind a united community which works together towards the same goal.
    The community for the continuous support, thank you!
    Andre Cronje, who provided inspiration in that a lone developer can build so much useful DeFi infrastructure so quickly. He’s a great example of what is possible in the world of DeFi where barriers to entry have been greatly reduced, and software, creativity, and value are so closely interlinked.

Where can I learn more about Decentralized Bank?


DeBa is proud to be listed on UniSwap.

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