Getting Started

Step 1: Buy USDT

The easiest way is to exchange your local currency for it in an exchange. Exchanges, such as Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Binance, let you deposit currency via ACH, Wire Transfer, and even Debit Card.
If you do ACH, your funds may be locked for a few days while waiting for the transfer to clear.

Step 2: Move USDT into your wallet

To move crypto into via the browser interface, you will need a browser Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask.
Install the MetaMask extension on your browser.
Follow the instructions on your exchange and your wallet to transfer USDC from the exchange to the wallet. The flow would be something like this:
    On your Exchange, follow instructions to Send USDT.
    For the recipient address, copy your Wallet's public address, and paste it into the recipient address on the Exchange Send page.
    Confirm the transaction.
    Wait to receive the USDT to your wallet.

Step 3: Deposit USDT into DeBa

    Navigate to and click Connect Wallet.
    Approve the connection to
    Look for USDT on the page. Enter the amount or click on MAX to deposit your entire USDT balance.
    Your wallet should ask for transaction confirmation.
    After Approval, your transaction will go through. You can Use Ethplorer, Etherscan, or your wallet to monitor it.
After the transaction was completed, you have deposited USDT and received an equivalent value of debaUSDT. You can watch your balance on the main page.

Stake your tokens and earn DEBA

Now you have your debaUSDT in your wallet. To put them to work and earn APY in DEBA, follow these steps:
Go to stake at the top of the page
Look for the Deposit: debaUSDT Earn: DEBA card and click on the APY button.
Select the green button.
Enter how much you want to stake, or click on MAX to stake all your funds.
Approve the transaction through your wallet.

DeBa Dashboard

To access your personal space, click on Dashboard at the top of the homepage. Follow the same steps to connect your wallet, just like you did on
Wallet Address
You can click on it to open up Etherscan.
Which liquidity pool (LP) you are in. Since we used USDT in this example, that's what we see here.
This is your meaning status. If it is set to Tue, you are earning tokens from staking.
Staked Balance
This shows how much debaUSDT you staked. This matches the "Your Staked debaUSDT" on the Stake Page of
Earned Rewards
How much DEBA you earned. This matches the “Total DEBA Earned” amount on the Stake page
% of Pool
The percentage of the DEBA pool that is your stake
USD Value
This is the total value of your debaUSDT and DEBA combined
Unstaked Balance
If you have any debaUSDT that is not staked, you'll see it here.
Your staked assets and earned rewards are worth about
If you are staked in multiple pools, this is the total of the “USD Values” for each Pool.
Underlying Balance
If you were to Unstake your debaUSDT, then Withdraw, this is how much USDT you would get for your debaUSDT.
Above is a helpful cheat sheet of the different annotations you'll find inside the dashboard.

Step 5: How Liquidity Pools work

In order to use a liquidity pool, like Uniswap, you need to put liquidity from your wallet to the USDT-DEBA pool in Uniswap. You will receive freshly minted tokens that you can transfer to DeBa. The steps are:
    Get USDT
    Swap 50% of your ETH for DEBA
      At the top of the main page, click on the BUY DEBA button. It will take you directly to UniSwap, where you can swap ETH for DEBA.
      Please make sure that the addresses that you are using are correct. You can also check the address on Etherscan, just to make sure. Remember: If you make the wrong transaction, there is no going back, so please focus!
      Echange 50% of ETH to DEBA
      Once the Approval has gone through, the swap will take place.
      Now you have funds ready in your wallet and you're ready to add them to the Liquidity Pool.
    Deposit ETH & DEBA into the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. You will receive UNI_LP tokens.
      Click Earn on the top of DeBa.Finance. Then select the Uniswap Pool
      Select UNI-V2. This will take you to the Uniswap ETH - DEBA Pair.
      At the top right of the page, select Add Liquidity.
      Select Max DEBA (or ETH), then click Approve.
      Once Approve transaction goes through, click Supply.
      After this transaction, Uniswap will show your positions in the Pool.
      Congrats! You are now a Liquidity Provider for Uniswaps ETH - DEBA Liquidity Pool! You are now earning fees off user's exchange transactions from this pool. Now you are also at risk of Impermanent Loss!
    Deposit UNI_LP tokens into DeBa
      Back on the DeBa’s Uniswap Pool page, we now have the ability to Stake. Select Max, then select Stake
      In our Wallet, we will do two transactions: Approve and Stake.
      All done! We are staked in the Pool, earning APY!
These steps total six transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Be wary of gas prices before you start. Make sure you have enough ETH in your Wallet.
I went to Uniswap and didn’t see my positions!
When you add your UNI_LP tokens to the Pool, you temporarily stake your LP tokens into DeBa, and DeBa uses it to grow the amount of your LP. The value of your LP still grows with each trade on the Uniswap pool. So you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.
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