DeBa is #thebankofthepeople

Rebuilding Wall Street; one block at a time.

A poem by Ogden Nash for those of you who want to have a quick laugh before serious matters: "A banker is just like everyone else, except richer."​

Short Overview

Since the advent of DeFi in the last 12 months, yield farming has become the new craze, with dozens of platform popping up everywhere, and yet none of them emerged as a winner. Perhaps due to their own fault, and perhaps not. What DeBa puts forth, however, is a comprehensive platform that gives people the necessary financial tools to do their own banking.
    DeBa automatically finds the best yield opportunities for you. These opportunities are made public through the creation of Vaults with individual strategies and differing assets. As of right now, DeBa will be launching the platform with a total of 13 Yield Vaults, 1 Dividend Vault and 1 UniSwap LP Vault. We will continue adding Vaults on a mostly weekly basis.
    DeBa makes all investments automatically and in a lump sum, thus reducing gas costs. Furthermore, DeBa makes use of a few improvements that further reduce gas costs in addition to the aforementioned.
    Moreover, our Dividend Vault already features an experimental feature called autostaking which if all works as intended we will be rolling out on all our Vaults in the future, further increasing the potential APY through the use of compounded rates.
    Now that DeBa is going to be launched, perhaps you're wondering what's next so we're here to tell you that our next immediate plan is to develop a lending protocol on top of DeBa and create a flash loan aggregator which would enable loans of more than $1 Billion dollars instantly.
    Smart contracts are hard to audit and bugs can result in lost funds.
DeBa is built to maximize the potential earning of a strategy through any technical means. We take care of APY tracking, strategy development, gas costs, auto-compounding assets whenever possible and many other things. Our goal with DeBa is to truly give the community a #bankofthepeople.

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